M. (Maral) Jefroudi

  • PhD student
  • Middle Eastern Studies

PhD research

The Social History of Labor in the Iranian Oil Industry (1954-1982)
Supervisors: Touraj Atabaki (LIAS) and Marcel van der Linden (IISG, UvA)

Starting from the nationalization of the Iranian Oil to the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war, this thesis will scrutinize the everyday life experiences of the workers in the oil sector, taking the worker's household as a unit of analysis and the oil sector broader than the factory and the oil field. The social relations of the oil producing community will be analyzed taking the social categories such as gender and ethnicity in consideration.


- 2006 BA in Political Science and International Relations (Bogazici University, The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences)

- 2006 BA in Sociology (Bogazici University, The Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

- 2008 MA in Modern Turkish History (Bogazici University, The Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History)

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