K. (Krijn) Hoogendorp

  • PhD student
  • Middle Eastern Studies

Fields of interest

Social History, Central Asia/Caucasus, nationality and ethnicity, humanitarian aid, technological development.

PhD research

Everyday Stalinism in the Caucasus 1920-1930
Supervisor: Touraj Atabaki

My PhD research aims to study the impact of early Soviet policies on daily life in the Caucasus and Central Asia. It explores how the Bolsheviks attempted to get the multi-ethnic population actively involved in the socialist experiment and what way people in the periphery influenced this process.


- M.Sc. in Comparative Asian Studies, University of Amsterdam
- M.A. in European Studies, University of Amsterdam
- Propaedeutic diploma Economics, University of Amsterdam
- Propaedeutic diploma Psychology, University of Amsterdam

- IT specialist/team lead and project manager in IT sector (2001-2011)
- Financial controller/project coordinator with humanitarian aid organisation (1997-2001)
- Counselor in housing project for adolescents (1992-1996)

Dutch (native), English, Portuguese, Russian (reading)

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