C.E. ten Hacken (Clara)

  • PhD student
  • Egyptology

PhD research

The legend of Saint Aûr: the foundation history of a Coptic monastery in the Fayyum
Supervisors: Joris Borghouts and Jacques van der Vliet

From 1986 onwards, a mission of the Polish Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology, directed by Prof. W. Godlewski (Warsaw University), is excavating on the site of an ancient monastery dedicated to the Archangel Gabriel. The rich Coptic textual material that is found includes documentary, magical and literary texts, as well as inscriptions, dating from the sixth through the twelfth century. Dr. J. van der Vliet is responsible for the study and publication of these finds. Parts of this research project are carried out by Leiden Ph.D. students Clara ten Hacken (edition of the hagiographic sources about Saint Aûr, the legendary founder of the monastery) and Joost Hagen (forthcoming edition of a complete codex of the Sahidic Gospel of Saint John, found during the 2002 season).


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  • Hacken, C.E. ten (2006). The description of Antioch in Abu al-Makarim's History of the Churches and Monasteries of Egypt and some neighbouring countries. In K. Ciggar & M. Metcalf (Eds.), ast and West in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean, vol.I, Antioch from the Byzantine Reconquest until the End of the Crusader Principality (Orientalia Lovaniensa Analecta, 147)  (pp. 185-216). Leuven/Paris/Dudley,  MA: Peeters

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