N.B. (Nuran Buket) Cengiz

  • PhD student
  • Turkish Studies

Fields of interest

Modern Turkish literature, literary theory; urban sociology; popular culture studies; translation studies

PhD research

Dissertation (working) title : ‘Non-Istanbulites’ of Istanbul: Quest for a place in Istanbul in the Turkish novel since the 1960s

Supervisors: Dr. Petra de Bruijn en Prof. Erik-Jan Zürcher

My research focuses on a historical/social analysis of a selected corpus of novels from modern Turkish literature which have the common theme of migration from Anatolian towns and villages to Istanbul, and the immigrants’ struggle in this city against various exclusion mechanisms. These novels reflect different aspects of the immigration experience under varying historical and social circumstances while the thread tying them together in this corpus is their stance of addressing the issue from the immigrants’ perspective.

The theoretical framework of the research is based on literary theory and urban sociology. The former explicates the rationale of reading the novels in their relationship with the historical/social conditions, referring to literary theorists such as Terry Eagleton, Pierre Macherey and Fredric Jameson. The latter renders possible an overview of the rural to urban migration experience and its consequences in Turkey using the works of urban theorists such as Henri Lefebvre and David Harvey with a special attention to the concept of right to the city, as well as the research focusing on the Turkish experience by scholars such as İlhan Tekeli, Uğur Tanyeli and Ayşe Öncü.



2011 – present

Doctoral dissertation in progress;

Leiden University, Institute for Area Studies (LIAS)


Completed coursework in the PhD programme of Translation Studies;

Yıldız Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences


MA in American Culture and Literature;

Kadir Has University, Institute of Social Sciences

Thesis title:

Melancholy and Infinite Sadness: A comparison of Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain in terms of the Romantic Hero and the Modern Anti-Hero

Advisors: Prof. Clifford Endres, Mel Kenne (MFA)


BA in Russian Language and Literature;

Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters

Graduation thesis:

Translation of a poetry selection, written by Soviet poets about World War II, from Russian originals into Turkish

Advisor: Prof. Ataol Behramoğlu

Related Experience

2010 – present

Writing Center Tutor, Asst. Director; Writing Center, Kadir Has University




ESL Instructor; English Language Unit, Kadir Has University




Research Assistant; American Culture and Literature Dept., Kadir Has University


Editor: Chameleon (Online literature journal of American Culture and Literature Dept., Kadir Has University)

Other experience


Freelance translator/ journalist/ writer



  • Articles in refereed journals:
    “Jerry Seinfeld: An embodiment of the American dream on the television screen.” Marmara İletişim Dergisi [Journal of Marmara University Faculty of Communication] 12 (2007): 86-95.
    “İnisiasyon yolculuğunda iki kahraman: Elif Şafak’ın Pinhan romanının Gılgamış destanıyla paralel bağlamda metinlerarası bir okuması.” [Two heroes of initiation: An intertextual reading of Elif Şafak’s novel Pinhan in parallel with the Myth of Gilgamesh] İstanbul Üniversitesi Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Dergisi [Journal of Istanbul University Department of Turkish Language and Literature] XXXIX (2008): 1-19.

  • Article in book:
    “Hasan Ali Ediz'in Çevirmen Olarak Statüsüne Simgesel Sermaye Kavramı Üzerinden Bir Bakış".  [A look at Hasan Ali Ediz’s Status as a Translator via the Concept of Symbolic Capital]. Çeviri Sosyolojisinin İnşası, Bourdieu Çözümleri: Pratiklerden Seçkiler. [Constructing Translation Sociology, Bourdieu Solutions: A Selection of Applications]. Istanbul: Cinius, 2013. 99-119.


  • Article in book
    “Eminem?”. Show. Ed. Hasan Uygun. Istanbul: Stüdyo İmge, 2003. 55-60.

  • Articles:
    Culture and arts reviews in various journals and magazines such as The Middle East (UK), Jazz Journal (UK), Film International (SE), Senses of Cinema (AU), Moving Arts Film Journal (USA), Virgül (TR) and Panorama Khas (TR); 2002 – present.

  • Articles on popular culture in the Sunday supplement of the national newspaper Radikal ; 2003 – present.


Translations from English and Russian published in a variety of journals and newspapers from 1995 to present. (English to Turkish: From writers such as Edward Said, John Berger and Steven Connor; Russian to Turkish: From poets such as Konstantin Simonov, Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Ilya Ehrenburg.)


  • Cambridge University’s Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults: CELTA. ITI, Istanbul, Turkey. 2008.

  • Young Balkan Volunteer Leaders: Ergo Politan. Citizen in Deed meeting, Athens, Greece. 2006.

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