H. (Huda) Smitshuijzen-AbiFarès

  • PhD student
  • Middle Eastern Studies

Fields of interest

Design history and criticism, design research, book design and typography.

PhD research

Modernity and Arabic Book Design
Supervisor: Jan Just Witkam

Design whether for new media, or old media such as printed books and publications, influences our daily lives. It also reflects the Zeitgeist. The relationship between the social movements, the struggles of defining Arab identity and national identity, the desire to join the world’s modernist movements while keeping a link to the Arab heritage, all this has never been studied in relation to visual design and specifically to book design. This research will chart and analyze these developments by examining Arabic book publishing, looking at the productions of a number of publishers in Cairo and Beirut. The influence of cultural exchange on the development of the 20th century Arab visual culture will be examined in light of the strategies for modernization and the appropriation of foreign/Western design conventions and/or the invention of new culturally specific ones.


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Yale University School of Art. 1990.
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Rhode Island School of Design. 1987.

Design research and consultancy
Founding Creative Director. The Khatt Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Since 2004.

Editor of the Khatt Foundation online creative network: http://www.khtt.net/
Since 2007.

Associate Professor and Chair of the Visual Communication Department.
American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 2000-2008.

Assistant Professor, Architecture and Design Department.
American University in Beirut, Lebanon. 1994-1996 / 1998-1999.

Arab Fund for Arts and Culture. Visual Arts research grant. 2008-2011.

Fonds BKVB & Mondriaan Foundation. Curatorial grant for the design research project: ‘Typographic Matchmaking in the City”. 2008-2010.

Fonds BKVB: Pilot Project grant for the design research project : ‘Typographic Matchmaking”. 2005-2007.


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Arabic Typography, a comprehensive sourcebook. Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès. Published by Saqi Books. London, UK. 2001.

Papers (journals and magazines) 
“Building Cultural Bridges: Arabic Typography's Role in Contemporary Visual Culture of the Middle East”. Paper presented at the Third International Symposium on the History of Printing and Publishing in the Languages and Countries of the Middle East, part of 24th Congress of the Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants (UEAI). University of Leipzig, Leipzig 2008. (publication forthcoming 2012)

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