S.M. (Sonja) Laukkanen

  • PhD student
  • Asian Studies

PhD research

Globalization in a Tibetan Village
Supervisor: Prof. dr. Frank Pieke 

Fields of interest

  • Globalization, modernization, nationalism
  • Minorities, ethnicity, identity (mainly Tibetans but I have also studied other minorities of China)
  • Critical heritage studies (heritage recognition; local, national or world heritage)
  • Tourism as a result of heritage recognition and its impact on local level



- University of Helsinki, MA (2008-2011)
- University of Helsinki, BA (2001-2008)
- Kymenlaakson polytechnic, Forestry engineer (1993-1997)

- Finnish (native), English, Swedish, German, Mandarin Chinese

Conference Papers/Presentations

  • “Globalization in a Tibetan Village”, 13th Seminar of International Association of Tibetan Studies in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, July 2013
  • “Being Tibetan in Shangri-la”, 7thAnnual Conference on Cultural and Social Anthropology of East Asia in Olomouc, Czech Republic, Oct 2013
  • Poetics and Politics of Authenticity in a Tibetan Village”, 7th Annual NNC conference and PhD Course in Sønderborg, Denmark, Nov 2013
  • Whose Heritage? Views from Shangri-la”, LIAS & CA-DS Graduate Conference in Leiden, Netherlands, May 2014
  • Imagining Shangri-la”, Intercultural Communication Between China And the Rest of the World: Beyond (Reverse) Essentialism and Culturalism? In Helsinki, Finland, June 2014
  • "Gendered Minorities and Changing Families in Shangri-la", 8th Annual Nordic NIAS Council Conference and PhD Course in Reykjavik, Iceland Oct 2014

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