C. (Chenyu) Cheng

  • PhD student
  • Chinese Studies

Fields of interest

Cultural theories; Chinese cultural history.

PhD research

Aggressivity and jouissance in Chinese men: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Filial Stories
Supervisors: Barend ter Haar (LIAS) and Isabel Hoving (ICD)

My research has two purposes:

First, through textual analysis, I intend to examine the relationship between aggressivity and jouissance experienced by male subjects in the late imperial China. My research question is: to what extent can we view the male subjectivity as dominated by a psychical mechanism which enabled male individuals to seek jouissance through (self-inflicted) pain?  By so doing, I wish to lend a fresh perspective to certain aspects of Chinese culture(s).

Second, my research is also loaded with theoretical ambitions. On the one hand, it is an experiment to integrate the “western-and-modern” theories (particularly Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalysis) into studies of non-western cultures existing in the pre-modern times. On the other hand, by bringing new analytical materials into theoretical discussions, I attempt to test, and hopefully to enrich, these theories as well.


MA Area Studies (Chinese Studies), cum laude - Leiden University, The Netherlands
BA Chinese Language and Literature - University of Amoy (Xiamen University), China

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