C.H. (Hosen) Chan

  • PhD student
  • Chinese Studies

Fields of interest

Modern and 20th-century Chinese history, formation of civic-consciousness, historiography of knowledge, historical study of textbooks

PhD research

Textbook and Civic Knowledge: Empowering a Confucian citizenship in the Republican China (ca. 1930s)
Supervisors: Axel Schneider (University of Göttingen)

A study of the historiography of Chinese citizenship from the perspective of civic education in school. To approach this issue, it is more importantly to look at the institutions and mechanism of dissemination rather than the individual thinkers.

As far as the popularization of citizenship as knowledge is concerned, school in general and textbook in particular play a unique and indispensable role in producing and informing citizenry because as part and parcel of the institution of national educational system and curriculum, textbook (civics, history, literature, and so on) is a transformer of the intellectual discourses of citizenship, the will of the state and the expectation of the adults into the epistemic understanding for mass consumption.

The approach of this study is by looking at the informing citizenship within the context of knowledge formation. From this perspective, we ask what kind of knowledge was involved in representing citizenship: how civic knowledge was categorized? Was it as part of traditional ethical cultivation or belonging to the realm of social sciences? What had citizenship to do with social problems, social reform back in the 1920s and 1930s China? Perhaps more fundamentally, a more truly historicist approach to contextualize citizenship as a form of knowledge in history compels us to ask how the proper knowledge looked like back in the heyday of positivism and behaviourism era. Supervisor: Prof. dr. Axel Schneider (Göttingen University)


PhD Candidate, Leiden University

PhD Programme at National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan 

MSc (magna cum laude) in Social Education, Institute of Inter-University of Macau, Macau

PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) at Faculty of Education, University of Macau

MA in Philosophy, University of Leuven, Belgium

BA in Philosophy, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


Between 2005 and 2008, I taught as part-time lecturer of Modern Chinese History, Social Development in Modern Chinese Society at Leiden University.


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