Leiden Papyrological Institute

The Leiden Papyrological Institute is the only papyrological institute in the Netherlands, and one of the few institutes in the world where study of Greek and Demotic Egyptian is combined. This is reflected in both teaching and research. Members of the Institute are active in publishing texts from various collections around the world, including the collection of the Institute itself. Documents are not seen as texts per se, but as objects in context. They are always edited with extensive commentary, detailing the various aspects of each text in the context of the world of Greek and Roman Egypt. Many texts belong to archives: groups of documents assembled in ancient times for personal or official purposes. The study of texts in their archival context is one of the specialities of the Leiden Institute. It is not hard to imagine the difficulties that can arise when one tries to read a text that has been buried in the sand for two thousand years. Mistakes in reading and interpretation are bound to be made. Therefore, revision and correction of texts form part and parcel of the papyrological trade. The Berichtigungsliste der griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten , edited by the Institute, aims to offer a critical list of all corrections that are proposed for published Greek papyrus documents. The Demotic Berichtigungsliste also originates from Leiden.