Dr. Y. (Yinghui) Wu

  • Lecturer
  • Literature and culture of late imperial China

Fields of interest

  • Drama and fiction of early modern China

  • Print culture and book history

  • Textual and visual mediums of representation

  • Chinese opera with its visual, musical, and theatrical dimensions

  • Material culture studies

  • Women, gender and sexuality studies


Yinghui Wu specializes in early modern Chinese literature, studying Ming and Qing drama and fiction in light of the historical contexts of their production and circulation. Her current book project, tentatively titled “Books in Pairs: Commentary, Illustration, and Creative Publishing of Drama in Seventeenth-Century China”, examines the phenomenon of repositioning popular texts into textual pairs or sets in woodblock publication of seventeenth-century China, exploring such practices and their impact through the linked reprinting and reception of two prominent plays, The Story of the Western Wing and The Lute. Focusing on a range of lavishly illustrated editions and their textual and visual connections, this book describes how such publications reconfigured old texts into new units and clusters, and how combined editions of drama functioned as a form in which everything from icons of literati idiosyncrasy to pictorial imitation and literary parody was presented to gratify and shape the sensibilities of a growing reading public. It is an interdisciplinary study of the most sophisticated forms of printed plays and their effects in broadening the notion of a “book”, affecting reading tastes and practices of late imperial China, and crossing artistic and social boundaries.

In addition to Ming and Qing literature, her research and teaching interests include print culture, history of the book, and history of reading; Chinese opera as an all-around art with its visual, musical, and theatrical dimensions; the relation between textual and visual mediums of expression; material culture studies, and women, gender, and sexuality studies.


  • Ph.D in Chinese and Comparative Literature, Washington University in St. Louis, USA (2014)
  • MA, Peking University, China (2008)
  • BA, Renmin University of China (2005)


  • University Lecturer in China Studies, Leiden University, (2014- )

Grants and awards

  • Leiden University Asian Modernities and Traditions (AMT) research grant, 2015

  • Washington University Dissertation Fellowship, 2013-2014

  • McDonnell International Scholars Academy Scholarship, Washington University, 2008-2013

  • Taiwan Ministry of Education research grant, 2010


  • Reading Narratives in Premodern China (BA, 3rd year)

  • Short Stories of the Ming and Qing (BA, 3rd year)
  • Material Culture in Late Imperial China (BA, 3rd year)
  • Classical Chinese (BA, 3rd year)
  • Chinese Poetry and Theater (BA, 2nd year)
  • Chinese Philosophy and Religion (BA, 1st year)
  • Advanced Readings in Classical Chinese (MA Asian studies)
  • Early Modern Chinese Fiction: Texts and Contexts (MA Asian studies)

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