Prof.dr. M.B. ter Borg – Sociology of Religion

  • Full Professor Non-institutional religions
  • Religion, de-institutionalization, transcendence, worldview, implicit religion

Religion is not so much disappearing from European society, as many people have thought for a long time: it is rather that it is changing. It is de–institutionalising, as some say. Religion is alive and well, but outside of the Church and its traditional context. This view is becoming more popular, but raises many problems: how and where can you observe non-institutional religion? Can religion exist without its institutional connections? And if so, what should we imagine non-institutional religion to be? Can football be thought of as religion? Is belief in progress, or in the necessity of economic growth, religion? Can we also, aside from de-institutionalisation, also speak of re-institutionalisation of religion?

Selected Publications

  • (2003) Zineconomie, Schiedam: Scriptum.
  • (1999) “What is religion?”, The Pragmatics of Defining Religion, Contexts, Concepts & Contsts, J.G. Platvoet and A.L. Molendijk (eds.), Leiden, Boston, Köln Brill, pp. 397 – 408.
  • (1996) Het geloof der goddelozen, Baarn: ten Have.
  • (1993) De dood als het einde, Baarn: ten Have.
  • (1991) Een uitgewaaierde eeuwigheid: Het menselijk tekort in de moderne cultuur, Baarn: ten Have.

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