New colleague: Corey Williams

It gives us great pleasure to report that the search for a University Lecturer in Christianity in the Modern World has resulted in the appointment of Corey Williams, starting January 2015.

Corey holds a BTh (2007; Theology and Greek) and a BA (2008; Biblical Literature) from Ozark Christian College, and an MA in Religious Studies, History, and Anthropology (2010) from Pepperdine University. He is currently completing a PhD University of Edinburgh, with a dissertation entitled Interreligious Encounter in a West African City: A Study of Belonging, Identity, and the Mutability of Religious Traditions Among the Yorùbá of Ogbomoso, Nigeria. He has taught at Pepperdine and Edinburgh. His interests cut across multiple religious traditions, methods, and theories of religion, with a strong comparative component and focal points in World Christianity and the religions of contemporary Africa (primarily Christianity, Islam, and African Indigenous Religions).

Last Modified: 09-12-2014