FOI project: the Egyptian state from the time of the Islamic conquest

The FOI project aims to examine the extent, character, competency, and ambition of the Egyptian State from the time of the Islamic conquest as well as the steps – military, administrative, and religious – by which it extended its reach, and what this tells us about the origins and evolution of Muslim ideas of rulership, religion and power. Other questions such as how "the State" was conceived and how Egypt’s social and administrative infrastructure – the machinery of government and law – were co-opted and the Islamic State given shape will also be central.


Below one will find links to bibliographies on administration, taxation, and agriculture and landholding as well as lists of fiscal terminology and governors attested in papyri. Within the framework of the FOI project’s first roundtable (3.6.2010) a study into two fiscal terms was made of which the results can also be found below.

All the bibliographies and lists are works in progress. Feel free to send suggestions and/or remarks to


Bibliography of administration
List of Egyptian governors attested in Arabic papyri and exagia

Bibliography of taxation
List of Arabic fiscal terminology in early Islamic Egypt
Study: the use of terms ğizya and ḫarāğ in the first 200 years of hiğra
Taxes and taxation in early Muslim Egypt

Agriculture and landholding

Bibliography of agriculture and landholding

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