The FOI project will look at the degree of Muslim trade regulation and supervision, examining the State’s involvement in, and stimulating influence upon, commercial life. The project takes into account the influence of the arrival of the Muslims on trade routes, commercial centers, productions, and contacts, as well as relations between the new Muslim population and the existing Christian population, the appearance of new weights, measures, coins, tolls, and levies. By studying who was involved in economic life and what commercial networks existed, the social, religious, and ethnic boundaries in place in post-conquest Egypt will be reconstructed.

See below for bibliographies on economy in general as well as cities, settlements, and building activities, taxation, and agriculture and landholding. These bibliographies are works in progress. Feel free to send suggestions and/or remarks to

Bibliography economy

Cities, settlements, and building activities
Bibliography of cities, settlements, and building activities

Bibliography of taxation

Agriculture and landholding
Bibliography of agriculture and landholding

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