FOI project introduction

It is one of the aims of the FOI project to study the changes on the level of culture and religion caused by the arrival of the Muslims. By looking at religion, language, and culture and identity the project endeavors to study cultural interaction between the existing population of Egypt and the new Muslim population and to what extent this was influenced by the Muslim government. As product of culture, papyri are a valuable source for cultural practices in early-Islamic Egypt; e.g. they refer to religious practices (both Muslim and Christian), they indicate linguistic change, and show the interaction between different social or geographical groups.

Below one will find a bibliography of cities, settlements, and building activities and a bibliography on Christian and monastic communities. These bibliographies are works in progress. Feel free to send suggestions and/or remarks to

Cities, settlements, and building activities
Bibliography of cities, settlements, and building activities

Christian and monastic communities
Bibliography Christian and monastic communities

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