Up-coming events and project presentations

NEW PUBLICATION: See 'Topics' > 'On papyri' for an updated version of Arabic documents from the first two Islamic centuries by K.M. Younes & J. Bruning.
NEW PUBLICATION: See 'Topics' > 'On papyri' for A list of Arabic documents from the Fatimid period by D. Livingston.

Up-coming events in 2015

8-11 January: The ASP panel at the 2015 meeting of the American Philological Association, on Culture and society in Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Egypt
New Orleans, USA

5-7 June: Coptic culture: Past, present, and future. Ordinary lives, changing times
Stevenage, UK

28-30 June: Singles and the single life in the Roman and later Roman worlds
Rome, It
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13-24 July: Leiden Summer School: Papyrology Programme (1200 BCE-1000 CE)
Leiden, The Netherlands
Website Leiden Summer School
Website Papyrology Programme

Upcoming events in 2016

1-6 August: 28th International Congress of Papyrology
Barcelona, Sp

Past events


03 June: First FOI project roundtable on Papyri and early Islamic taxation
Leiden University 
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18-25 July: Third summer school in Coptic papyrology. 
Strasbourg, France

16-21 August: 26th international congress of papyrology. 
Geneva, Switzerland 
Papers presented:

  • J. Bruning: 'Commercial relations and a harbour near al-Fusṭāṭ'

  • M.A.L. Legendre: 'Antinoopolis/Anṣinā: une ville et ses textes'

  • P.M. Sijpesteijn: 'Coptic and Arabic papyri from Deir Bala'izah'

  • K. Younes: 'Legal documents belonging to a certain ‘Ammār b. Salama b. ‘Abd al-Wārith: two unpublished papyri from the Beinecke Library of Yale University

13-16 September: First roundtable meeting of the NWO project Late antiquity and early Islam. 
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29 November-8 December: International winter school in Arabic papyrology. 
Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt


16 March: Second FOI project roundtable on Social and economic dependency in late Antiquity and early Islam: women and children, clients, slaves, fugitives, and prisoners
Leiden University (program)
Papers presented:

  • J. Bruning: '"Let the Alexandrians be slaves to the Arabs!" Some literary sources on the early Arab community of Alexandria'

  • M.A.L. Legendre: Clients (mawali-s) and related problems of anthroponymy'

  • G. Schenke: 'Women on the move: travelling women under Muslim rule'

  • P.M. Sijpesteijn: 'Taking care of the poor and the weak'

  • K. Younes: 'Women's letters from early Islamic Egypt'

17 March: First Sijpesteijn lecture by Roger S. Bagnall: Texts on objects: interpreting textual finds from excavations 
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Temple Hall 
Rapenburg 28 
2311 EW Leiden 
The Netherlands 

29 March: Transitions, ruptures et continuités: réconsiderer l'histoire de l'Égypte médiévale 
Lyon, France 
Papers presented:

  • Marie Legendre: 'Avant l’iqṭā’: politique de la terre et propriété privée entre Byzance et l'Islam'

28-30 September: Second roundtable meeting of the NWO project Late antiquity and early Islam
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Papers presented:

  • J. Bruning: 'Arab merchants in the Egyptian countryside'

  • J. de Jong & A. Delattre: 'Greek as a minority language'

  • M.A.L. Legendre: 'Minorities in the countryside: what happened of the conquerors in early Islamic Middle Egypt?'

  • G. Schenke: 'Christian women in early Islamic Egypt: a public minority'

  • P.M. Sijpesteijn: 'Arabs, Muslims and Egyptians: how do we distinguish them?'

 24-26 November: Second Imperium and officium conference on Administration, law, and administrative law.
Vienna, Austria
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14 January: 43ste papyrologendag
Leiden, The Netherlands
Papers presented:

  • A. Delattre: 'Coptic monks and Dutch papyri'

  • J. de Jong: 'The last century of Greek papyri' (in Dutch)

2 February: Roundtable discussion on late antique and early Islamic historiography with Prof Dr M.H. Williams (San Fransisco State University, USA) and Leiden University specialists in Near Eastern and early Islamic studies.

8-9 February: Roundtable discussion on revolts in, and the islamization and arabization of, medieval Egypt with Prof Dr Y. Lev (Bar Ilan University, Israel) and Leiden University specialists of Near Eastern studies, early Islamic studies, and archaeology.

28-31 March: Fifth ISAP Conference.
Académie des sciences et des belles lettres (Bayt al-hikma), Carthage/Kairouan, Tunisia
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Papers presented:

  • J. Bruning: 'On the influence of the creation of Fustat on Alexandrian commerce: a question of rivalry?'

  • A. Delattre: 'Un serment à la mosquée dans un document copte?'

  • J. de Jong: 'Arabs in pre-Islamic Egypt'

  • M.A.L. Legendre: 'Penser en arabe, compter en grec, écrire en copte: quelques documents de compte du Fayoum fatimide'

  • P.M. Sijpesteijn: 'A third/ninth-century mercantile archive'

  • K. Younes: 'Letters of condolence in the Arabic papyri'

18 May: Medieval Islamic marriage: an interdisciplinary workshop
Centre for research in the arts, social sciences and humanities (University of Cambridge)
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  • K. Younes presented on "Sending the dowry and preparing for the betrothal party: a 2nd/8th correspondence from a fiancé to his fiancée".

25 May: Third FOI roundtable.

5 June: XVe rencontres de l'association des doctorants en histoire des mondes musulmans médiévaux
Casa de Velázquez, Madrid (program, website)

  • Marie Legendre presented on 'Nouvelles données sur l’administration locale de l’Egypte umayyade'

6-7 July: Remembering the first century of Islam: expansion and division
Institute for the study of Muslim cultures, Agha Khan University, London, UK

11-12 July: Conference on seventh-century Egypt
Churchill College, Cambridge, UK

13-15 July: Arabian studies seminar conference
British Museum, London, UK
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24-25 August: MIRI workshop on Materiality of the Islamic rural economy: archaeological perspectives on extra-urban life.
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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26 August - 9 September: Fourth international summerschool in Coptic papyrology.
University of Heidelberg, Germany.
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10-12 September: Third roundtable meeting of the NWO project Late antiquity and early Islam.
Paris, France 
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  • Marie Legendre and Petra Sijpesteijn: 'Usage de langes, noms et titres dans la construction de l'autorité politique'

  • Jelle Bruning: 'The Arab authorities and their involvement in the legal administration in early-Islamic Egypt'

  • Janneke de Jong: 'Power and ideology in Greek documents from early Islamic Egypt: the Qurra papyri'

17-22 September: Tenth international congress of Coptic studies.
Rome, Italy 
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  • Jelle Bruning: 'The administrative relationship between Fustat and Alexandria, ca. A.D. 640-800'

  • Gesa Schenke: 'Micro- and macro-management: responsibilities of the head of the monastery of Apa Apollo at Bawit'

18 September: Second Sijpesteijn lecture by B. Palme: "Officia and officiales in Late Antique Egypt: imperial power against local networks?"
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Temple Hall 
Rapenburg 28 
2311 EW Leiden 
The Netherlands

5-8 October: Legal documents in ancient societies congress on Sale and communities.
Budapest, Hungary 
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23-24 November: Décrire, imaginer, construire l'espace: toponymie égyptienne de l'Antiquité au Moyen-Âge
Université Paris IV - Sorbonne
Paris, France
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14 December: International workshop The Islamic city in the Middle Ages
Centre for urban history - Universiteit Antwerpen
Antwerp, Belgium
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  • J. Bruning: 'Governing an old capital in a new province: Alexandria versus Fustat in early Islamic Egypt'


31 January: Meeting of the Nederlands Klassiek Verbond [Dutch Classical Association], section Apeldoorn

  • J. de Jong: 'Transformation of a Graeco-Roman province: Egypt in the early-Islamic period' [in Dutch]

4 February: 400 years Arabic in Leiden
Leiden University
Leiden, The Netherlands
Official website (additional information, in Dutch)

  • P. Sijpesteijn: 'The wisdom of the Arabs: four hundred years of cross-cultural engagement'

7 March: LUCIS/MOS lecture
Leiden University
The Netherlands
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  • Y. Lev: 'The grain economy of medieval Cairo'

21-22 March: Islamic law materialized: new perspectives
Collège de France
Paris, France
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9-11 April: Fustat: contrôle des territoires et réseaux d’autorité (milieu VIIe-milieu Xe s.)
Cairo (Egypt)
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  • J. Bruning: 'Al-Fusṭāṭ and Alexandria, A.D. 640-750: aspects of al-Fusṭāṭ's long-distance control'

  • P.M. Sijpesteijn: 'Naming a new capital'

16 April: Meeting of the Nederlands Klassiek Verbond [Dutch Classical Association], section Utrecht

  • J.H.M. de Jong: 'Transformation of a Graeco-Roman province: Egypt in the early-Arabic period' [in Dutch]

27-28 June: Islamic law materialized: The study of legal documents: new approaches to Arabic papyrology and diplomacy
Collège de France
Paris, France
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29 July - 3 August: 27th international congress of papyrology.
Warshaw, Poland
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  • G. Schenke: 'Rashid ibn Chaled and the return of overpayments made into the state treasury'

  • J.H.M. de Jong & M.A.L. Legendre: 'Onomastica Arabica: Arab personal names in Egyptian papyri from the Ptolemaic to the early Islamic period'

27-28 September: Observing the scribe at work: knowledge transfer and scribal. Professionalism in pre-typographic societies
Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia
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25 October: Continuity and change in the economy of Graeco-Roman and Arab Egypt (workshop)
KU Leuven
Leuven, Belgium
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2-3 November: Arabic in context (conference)
Leiden University
Website; poster

14-15 November: Documents & History III, Islam in the VIIth-XXth century. The fake, replica and the copy
Institut d'études de l'Islam et des sociétés du monde musulman, Paris


2-5 January: The 2014 meeting of the American Philological Association on Culture and society in Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Egypt

9 April: Meeting of the Nederlands Klassiek Verbond [Dutch Classical Association], section Nijmegen

  • J.H.M. de Jong: 'From caesar to caliph: the Muslim conquest of Egypt'' [in Dutch]

13 February: Seminar of the OCIS on Arabic papyrology
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford, UK

1-2 April: Thought and culture in Christian Egypt, 284-641 A.D.
Ain Shams University, Cairo

9-11 May: Networks and interactions
LIAS, Leiden University, The Netherlands
More information
R. Dekker: 'Bishops in Late Antique Egypt: Reconstruction of their networks'

9-10 June: Provinces et empire: l'Égypte islamique dans le monde antique. Le multilinguisme
ISAW, New York University, USA
More information

3-4 July: Institutions in villages in Egypt from the early Roman to the Fatimid period
King's College, London
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6-13 July: International seminar in Coptic papyrology
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
More information; poster

7-10 July: Session on Empire between Empires: Understanding Empire in the long seventh century at the International Medieval Congress
University of Leeds
Website IMC; website Empire between Empires

7 July-8 August: Summer institute in papyrology
Princeton University
More information (no official website known)

4-6 September: From Egypt to Manchester: unravelling the John Rylands papyrus collection
John Rylands Library, Manchester (UK)
More information (no official website known)

7-10 October: Writing Semitic: Scripts, Documents, Languages in Historical Context: The Sixth International Society for Arabic Papyrology (ISAP) Conference
Munich, Germany

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