Call for papers

Abstract submission: Second call for papers

You are invited to submit an abstract of 300 words by the 15 June 2013 on our online submission webpage.

If you wish your paper to be considered for inclusion in the conference publication, please send your full paper to before 15 July 2013.

Download the second call for papers.


Within the overall theme of the conference we particularly invite papers that investigate one or more of the challenges to China’s economy and continued economic growth:

  • Middle income trap

  • Low domestic consumption

  • High savings rate

  • Unequal income distribution

  • Lack of independence of the financial sector

  • Unsustainable use of natural resources (energy, water, land)

  • Dominance of manufacturing and export-processing

  • Dependence on low and medium-level technology

  • Ill-functioning markets

  • Lack of transparency of fiscal and budgetary systems

  • Strongly decentralized administration

  • Ageing and upgrading of a shrinking workforce

  • Brain drain and brain gain

  • Unemployment of the highly educated


Selected conference papers will be published in the Journal of Chinese Economic andBusiness Studies and an edited book.

Last Modified: 09-07-2013