The Impact of Trump’s victory for Latin America: Apocalypse Now?

On Thursday November 24, prof.dr. Patricio Silva will give a lecture on the impact of Donald Trump’s victory for Latin America.

Time and place

Thursday 24 November 2016, 15.00-17.00 hours.
Van Wijkplaats 2, Room 2.
The lecture will be in English.


During his campaign Donald Trump announced a series of measures he was planning to carry out if he became President of the United States which had far reaching implications for Latin America. His plan to build a wall along the US border with Mexico immediately alerted the entire Latin American region for an imminent troublesome new era with their powerful Northern neighbour. Trump’s economic protectionist ideas have also originated great concerns about the immediate future of the Latin American economies which are extremely dependent of the large US market.

Following Trump’s victory at the presidential elections, Latin American leaders as well as political analysts do fully realize about the dramatic consequences the planned measures of the future Trump administration can have for their countries. Even before his installation the effects are already visible. The Mexican peso has experimented a radical fall, while Cuba has already mobilized the population in order to be ready for a possible US military intervention. In Central America, governments are hastily formulating contingency plans to receive hundreds of thousands of their compatriots who can be deported from the United States following Trump’s installation in January.

If Trump turn his back to Latin America, are countries such as China and Russia going to increase their presence and influence in the region? Will Latin America be able to build up an united front to face and resist future US initiatives effecting their most vital interests? What kind of direct social and political consequences can have in return of huge numbers of emigrants to their Latin American home countries? What is the economic and political price the United States will have to pay if policies affecting the relations with Latin America are finally implemented?

These and other questions will be explored by Prof. Patricio Silva (Latin American Studies) in a lecture about the future scenarios for Latin America following the installation of Donald Trump as the next US President.

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