Scholarships for Research MA students at the faculty of Humanities: The Uhlenbeck scholarship programme

With the start of the 2016-2017 academic year the Faculty of Humanities offers a new scholarship for students of various research MA programmes who wish to either study or conduct (field) research abroad.

Professor E.M. Uhlenbeck

The scholarship programme has been named after Professor Bob Uhlenbeck, who was himself an example of a travel enthusiast and international oriented humanities scholar. After the Second World War Professor E.M. Uhlenbeck (1913-2003) started lecturing general and Indonesian linguistics at the University of Indonesia, after which he became Professor of Javanese in Leiden from 1949 to 1983. In 1953 he was visiting professor at the Linguistic Institute in Bloomington, Indiana, and in 1965 at the University of California at San Diego. From 1965 to 1966, Uhlenbeck was fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences in Stanford, California and in 1973 professorial fellow at The Australian National University in Canberra.

The scholarship

In many research MA programmes study and research activities abroad generally last one semester (30 EC), but every now and then shorter stays for (archive) research or field work may be called for. Students can already apply for scholarships related to the Erasmus exchange programme or the LUSTRA+ scholarship programme. This will not change in the future. Moreover, these grants may be combined with the Uhlenbeck scholarship.

The Uhlenbeck grant for studying or doing (field) research abroad for the duration of 1 semester (30 EC) amounts to a total sum of €1.750. If the Erasmus+ programme is also involved, its contribution will be subtracted from the Uhlenbeck grant.

The Uhlenbeck grant for a shorter stay abroad of a minimum of 60 days for field, archive or library research in a country where only a tourist visa (usually valid for a maximum of 90 days) is required consists of €1.250.

Ventures abroad shorter than 60 days are not supported by the Uhlenbeck programme.

Research MA students are eligible for an Uhlenbeck scholarship only once during their degree programme.

Examples of grant sums

  • 1 semester (30 EC) outside of Europe: €1.750
    The student can additionally also apply for LUSTRA+ (€450)
  • 1 semester (30 EC) within Europe, without ERASMUS+ : €1.750
  • 1 semester (30 EC) within Europe, with ERASMUS+ : €1.750 MINUS the Erasmus grant (€600 to € 1.080)
  • Research trajectory within Europe for a minimum of 60 days: €1.250
  • Research trajectory outside of Europe for a minimum of 60 days: 1.250
    The student can additionally also apply for LUSTRA+ (€200)
A webpage of the Uhlenbeck Scholarship Programme will be up from 1 September onwards. For concrete questions regarding the programme Karin Aalderink can be contacted: / 071-527-4179.

Last Modified: 23-06-2016