Leiden through the eyes of a student

Students Sjors Keijzer and Kasper van Alphen won the finale of the Student and City film competition on 29 June. Their promotional film puts Leiden on the map as the best student city.

On the map

In their promotional film, Keijzer (LAS student) and Van Alphen (Cultural Anthropology) show what student life is like. ‘How better to convince school leavers to choose Leiden than to show the city through the eyes of a student?' asked alderman Robert Strijk, who presented the main prize of 2,000 euros. 'This winning film will really put Leiden on the map as a student city.'

Professional jury

At the finale, the three best promotional films were judged by a professional jury comprising Martijn Bulthuis, Director of Leiden Marketing; Renée Merkx, Director of Strategic Communication & Marketing at Leiden University; Ivo Wever, business manager of the Leiden International Film Festival; Marjolein Zaal, head of Management and Communication at the municipality of Leiden and Andrej Josic, chairman of LAKS.

Best mix

The jury considered that Keijzer and Van Alphen found the best mix in their film between Leiden student city and the motto of City of Discoveries. 'The film is packed with interesting details and can be used directly in marketing communications aimed at school leavers,'  Martijn Bulthuis, Director of Leiden Marketing, commented. ‘We hope it will inspire prospective students to think not only about which programme to choose, but also which city.'


Last Modified: 04-07-2016