Become a buddy in the new Humanities Master's buddy programme

Every year, international students flock to Leiden to obtain their Master’s degree. To facilitate their integration into the university and student life in Leiden, the Humanities Faculty has set up the Humanities Master’s Buddy Programme. Our aim with this programme is to welcome new students and create a social and academic network from day one. Be a buddy - register now!

Become a buddy

As a buddy you support three to four newly arrived students to facilitate their move to Leiden. You will help with their introduction to the university and to student life in Leiden, providing advice on practical matters and giving support when needed. For many new students, the help of a local student will make all the difference! Moreover, being a buddy allows you to get in touch with different cultures, improve your language skills and make new friends.


Are you interested in becoming a buddy? The buddy programme will link you to students who can use your help. You will receive a modest financial compensation for your work. If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to the student representative in the Faculty Board, Aurelie van ‘t Slot: The deadline is 22nd of August.

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Last Modified: 11-08-2016