Online English Language Assistant and subscription

Fast language advice - Low threshold - Attractive rates

The Academic Language Centre (ATC) offers an attractive subscription to organisational units within Leiden University. Subscribers are offered reduced rates for various language services, as well as free access to the ATC Online English Language Assistant.


A subscription offers the following advantages:

  • Administrative convenience
  • User-friendly online form
  • Professional online advice through the ATC Online English Language Assistant within 2 working days
  • No minimum rate for short assignments
  • Attractive discounts on Academic Language Centre services
  • You can sign up any month.
Subscription rate: € 240 per year (€ 20,- per month)

You can subscribe here.

Discounts for subscribers:


Without subscription

With subscription


€ 0.20 a word

(minimum rate: €75,-)

€ 0.19 a word

(no minimum rate)


€ 65,- an hour

€ 2,- discount per hour

Custom-made training

€ 75,- an hour

2% discount

Presentation and lecture coaching

€ 75,- an hour

2% discount


Depends on nature and scope of test

2% discount


Submitting assignments

Translation or editing assignments
Subscribers can submit translation assignments using this link.

Online English Language Assistant  
You can use the Online English Language Assistent to submit short questions regarding translation or formulation issues in English. One of our language advisors will reply within 2 working days. The question may not concern a text sample of more than fifty words. You can use this link to submit your question.

Other services

For courses, training and tests please contact the Academic Language Centre, 071-5272332, e-mail.

Terms and Conditions of Subscription and Online English Language Assistent

- Once you have submitted your application you will first receive a confirmation of receipt. Once we have processed your application you will receive a welcome note by e-mail, which will contain a practical guide with references to the relevant online forms for different types of assignments.
- Subscriptions are only available for organisational units within Leiden University and cannot be transferred to other parties.
- The relevant unit must specify the following in the application:
 - a SAP-number
 - the unit contact person

- If the subscription is granted, the ATC will provide the unit with a subscription number and a unique password. 

In principle, the subscription begins at the moment when the subscription application has been accepted; a subscription can begin any month and is valid until 31 December of the relevant calendar year. Without an official cancellation, the subscription is automatically renewed every year. 
To cancel, use the following cancellation form. Cancelling for the upcoming calendar year is only possible until 15 December.

- A subscription also counts as being active at the moment that the ATC receives an assignment, if the client applies for a subscription within two working days after submitting the assignment.
- The unit is responsible for indicating which staff members can make use of the subscription.
- The unit will indemnify the ATC for any damage to the ATC as a result of unlawful use of the subscription.
- Every trimester, the contact person will be sent a cumulative overview of the assignments and possible costs thereof, in as far as they fall within the scope of the subscription. The subscription does not cover open registration language courses.
- For each transaction in the context of the subscription, both the applicant and the person responsible for the budget will be sent a confirmation by e-mail, including the type of service purchased and the costs thereof, including subscription discount.
- To ensure an efficient service, requests for support through the ATC Language Oracle may not exceed 50 words. You can send your request to the ATC Language Oracle using the following form:
- Subscribers are exempted from the usual starting rate for short translation assignments.
- If the ATC staff member handling a query submitted through the Oracle is of the opinion that the query is not suitable for this medium due to its scope or complexity, he or she may choose to refuse to handle the query further, and possibly refer the client elsewhere.

Last Modified: 03-11-2014