What do we offer?

Language coaching

In their work people are increasingly required to use English or another foreign language: for instance in presentations, lectures, e-mails, reports and grant applications. This can sometimes lead to pressure or insecurity. In this context, the Academic Language Centre provides focused support in two ways: through a language coaching programme, which uses examples from work situations in order to improve specific language skills, or through incidental coaching, which focuses on practical support in a concrete situation.

Open registration courses

The Academic Language Centre organises language courses for companies, government agencies, private clients, and students and staff members of Leiden University.

Acculturation Courses

Our acculturation courses are designed for those who will be posted abroad with or without their families, and for ex-pats who come to live and work in the Netherlands.

Summer School 2016

The summer months are ideal for learning or improving a foreign language. In August, the Academic Language Centre offers intensive courses in Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese. Due to the intensive nature of the programme, participants are as it were immersed in the target language and are able to make great progress in a short amount of time.

Language Testing

The Academic Language Centre offers several language tests, courses in preparation for an official language exam, and advice on test development.

Dialang entrance test

Dialang is an on-line test which has been developed with European support to assess language proficiency in 14 European languages. The test results are provided for the following skills: writing, grammar, vocabulary, structures, listening and reading of which vocabulary, structures and writing are the most import parts to determine your level.