Russian courses at the Academic Language Centre

These courses address all language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading. Much attention is given to grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary acquisition. The courses are practical, i.e. they focus on language use. If there is sufficient interest in a higher level, a follow-up course can be planned.

General Language Courses

The language of instruction in these courses is Russian and Dutch. In order to participate your Dutch language proficiency needs to be at A2 level of the Common European Framework.
Further information about Dutch courses.
Further information about Russian courses at the Academic Languag Centre.

Tailor-made and In-company

In addition to the regular open enrolment courses being offered, it is also possible to receive custom-made language training, both for groups and individuals, either at the Language Centre or in-company. For more information, see our page

Last Modified: 12-09-2014