Chinese 2

The Chinese 2 course is a beginner’s course. Participants acquire elementary knowledge of the language. The focus of the course lies on everyday practical language use. By the end of the course, participants will have reached level A1 (CEF).

Practical Information

No. of lessons: 12 sessions
Preparation: Approximately 2 hours per session
Language of instruction Chinese/English/Dutch
Course load: The course load is 56 hours. On request a Course load declaration form can be issued. The student should enquire with their department whether course participation can be converted into credits.
Start courses: See Course programme on this page.

Course Fee

Course Programme and Enrolment

For information on the current programme and in order to enrol, please follow the link below. You can enroll until a week before the start of the course. Individuals can pay by Credit Card (Mastercard or VISA) or iDeal.    

                        current programme - lesson times - enrolment  

If classes are canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be added on to the end of the course. Please take into account courses may end later than scheduled.

Target Group and Admission Requirements

The course is intended for adults with a higher education diploma, including both students and staff members of Leiden University, as well as interested parties who have no connection to Leiden University.
The course is open to persons aged 17 or older who has completed a secondary school education. Participants who have successfully completed the Chinese 1 course of the Academic Language Centre, or who can prove in some other way that they possess the required entry level can sign up. A basic knowledge of English is required.

Course Material

Contemporary Chinese 1 (new edition 2014), lesson 4 to the end of the book

  • Textbook (ISBN 9787513806176)
  • Characterbook (ISBN 9787513806190 of ISBN-10: 9787513806190)
  • Exercisebook (ISBN-10: 9787513806183 of ISBN-13: 9787513806183)
You are requested to arrange your own purchase of the course material. The books are available at most good bookstores.


The course level is indicated with the help of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For our courses, the A1 level is divided into level A1.1 and A1.2. In this course you will complete working on the competences that belong to A1.

Skills Starting level     Target level
Listening A1.1 A1.2
Reading A1.1 A1.2
Speaking production     A1.1 A1.2
Speaking interaction A1.1 A1.2
Writing  A1.1 A1.2

Click on the skills for further clarification.

Course Description

The Chinese 2 course is a beginner’s language acquisition course which requires some prior knowledge of the language. All skills are addressed in the course: speaking, listening, writing and reading. In addition, the course also focuses on vocabulary and grammar. Making use of practical situations, participants can practice both informal and professional language use. Furthermore, society and culture are also covered. You should take into account that every lesson involves a preparation time of approximately three hours.
The course is concluded with a written test. A certificate is awarded if the test is completed successfully and the participant has attended 80% of the lessons.

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