Dealing with the Dutch Language

Where is Dutch spoken? And why? What's the difference between Dutch spoken in the Netherlands and in Flanders (Belgium)? How to be polite and introduce yourself? In this trial lesson you will be given a short introduction to the Dutch language and learn a couple of useful phrases. This workshop is gratis (i.e. free of charge).

Do you want to learn more? Why not take a Dutch course at the Academic Language Centre, starting in September.

Practical Information

Date Time Place
Wednesday 29 August* 11.00 - 12.30 room A014 and A008, KOG FULL
Friday 31 August** 10.00 - 11.30 room 227 en 228, Lipsius

* For Master's students only
** For Exchange Students only

There's a limited number of places available for each workshop. If you want to secure a place, please send us an email to inform us which trial lesson you would like to attend:
Of course you're always welcome to walk in and see if there's room for one more.

Dutch courses for international students

Dutch 1A is a beginners’ course of Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) for international students of Leiden University. 

All the basic language skills will be dealt with: speaking, listening, writing and reading. During the course you will acquire basic Dutch grammar and vocabulary. Topics of conversation and reading texts will be centered around everyday situations, giving you the opportunity to become familiar with both informal and formal language use.

Dutch 1A   Dutch 1
12 classes of 1,75 hours, once a week
€ 185
(course material excluded)
Method: De Delftse Methode
20 classes of 2,75 hours, twice a week
€ 505,- for Leiden University (prospective) students
(course material excluded)
Method: De Delftse Methode

Induction programme

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