English for Specific Purposes - Professional English

The Professional English courses include courses such as Teaching in English and Business English. There are open registration courses as well as custom-made courses, which can be organised at the Language Centre or in-company.

Teaching in English

Most teachers are quite capable of having a conversation in English. It's something entirely different to stand in front of a live audience of inquisitive students and deliver your teaching effectively. That requires other and different skills. To prepare for the challenge, teachers and lecturers can take the Teaching in English course, which has been developed by the Academic Language Centre and is constantly adapted to the actual demands of the practice of teaching. For further enquiries, please contact mr. S. Cheng, 071-527 41 51 (not on Wednesday afternoon).

Business English

The practical Business English course is designed to help prepare people who need to work in an increasingly international environment, where English is more important than ever. Business issues such as phone calls, letters, emails and applying for a job are taught and trained. The course also reviews the most important grammar points and addresses speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


Last Modified: 29-07-2015