English at the Academic Language Centre

The Academic Language Centre provides a wide range of English courses. The courses differ with regard to level, content and frequency.

General Language Courses

These courses deal with all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are discussed thoroughly. The courses are practical and are aimed at making use of the language. At each level two different courses are on offer, which can be taken consecutively and in random order.


This course is for anyone who wishes to improve their pronunciation of English.

Practical English Grammar Course

This course aims to improve your knowledge of English grammar and your ability to use it with confidence, and to make studying English grammar challenging and enjoyable.

Academic English

The Academic Language Centre offers several courses aimed at the use of English in an academic context. There are separate courses for students and members of staff.

English for Specific Purposes - Professional English

The Professional English courses include a course such as Teaching in English. There are open registration courses as well as custom-made courses, which can be organised at the Language Centre or in-company.

Legal English

The Academic Language Centre also has expertise in the area of Legal English. Courses are aimed at improving English language skills within a legal context.

Custom-made and On-demand Courses

In addition to the regular program of open registration courses there is a number of group courses that have been taught in the past and can be organised on demand, either at the Language Centre or in-company.  The Academic Language Centre also offers the possibility of completelely custom-made language courses, both for groups and individuals.

Last Modified: 14-02-2017