Business English Advanced (BEC Higher) NOT OFFERED AT THE MOMENT

Business English Advanced is a practical intensive course for people doing business with English-speaking countries, working in local companies that use English in the workplace, or who are planning to work abroad.

Practical Information

Number of classes: 12 
Preparation: Approximately 2 hours per lesson
Target group: People who work or want to work for an international company, the government or abroad; anyone who wants to improve their business skills in English
Group size: Minimum of 6, maximum of 12 students
Language of instruction: English
Course conclusion: Certificate of attendance (minimum attendance: 80% of the lessons)

Course Fees

Course Programme and Enrolment

For information on the current programme and in order to enrol, please follow the link below.

                       current programme - lesson times - enrolment

Holidays 2014-2015

3 October, 20-26 October, 23 February - 1 March, 3-6 April, 27 April, 4-10 May, 14 and 15 May, 25 May.

If classes are canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be added on to the end of the course. Please take into account courses may end later than scheduled.

Target Group and Admission Requirements

Advanced Business English is a practical intensive course for people doing business with English-speaking countries, working in local companies that use English in the workplace, or who are planning to  work abroad. This course is also very suitable for university students preparing to enter the job market: having strong business English skills provides you with a distinct advantage in landing jobs in which you will be expected to use the English language. 

The language of instruction is English. Participants are expected to have English language skills at level B2 or higher in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. To check your level, please do the entrance test.

The course is also open to people who succesfully completed the Business English Upper-intermediate course.

Course Material

- Business Benchmark Advanced Student's Book BEC  by Guy Brook-Hart (ISBN 0521672953)
- Business Benchmark Advanced Personal Study Book for BEC and BULATS by Guy Brook-Hart (ISBN 052167297X)

You are requested to arrange your own purchase of the course material. The books are available at most good bookstores.

Course Description

Our main focus in Advanced Business English is to help participants further develop their range of English language communication skills essential to thriving in an English-speaking business environment. Lively, authentic materials from a wide variety of business sources provide a stimulating starting point for practicing speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Participants are also encouraged throughout the course to discuss situations they have encountered in their own place of work, allowing ample opportunity to learn the specific vocabulary they need to communicate clearly on the job.

The style of English used in a formal business setting differs considerably from the style used in informal day-to-day English. As in the Upper-intermediate course, attention is paid to the finer points of style: using the English language in a professional and tactful way requires an awareness of conventional English polite forms, common collocations (words that belong together) and useful idiomatic phrases.

Participants can expect to gain the English language skills and confidence they need to handle even the most difficult situations in the workplace.

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