Dutch for Civic Integration


About the course

The Academic Language Centre helps new Dutch citizens who wish to learn Dutch in the context of the Integration Act to prepare for the State Examination Programme II. The course focus on all skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. In order to pass the state examination you must master these skills at B2 level. In addition, since 2015 you are also obliged to complete additional examinations in Knowledge of Dutch Society and Orientation on the Dutch labour market. The materials for these examinations are integrated into the courses we offer.

Target group

These courses are open to highly educated people who have completed at least 14 years of education in their country of origin and whose command of English corresponds to B1 level. To register for this course you must first complete an English test. To find out whether you can take part in the course we will plan an intake interview. You can make an appointment for an intake interview by telephone at 071 527 2332 during the opening hours of the Academic Language Centre.
The course is fast-paced. Course participants are expected to be actively involved in the course and to prepare the lessons thoroughly at home.

Please note that we have a very limited number of places available for new participants starting at a higher level. Please call us at 071 527 2332 to find out whether we have places available at your preferred level.

DUO loan

The 'Dutch for participants in civic integration programme' course can be financed from your DUO loan. The course costs include the tuition fee, books, and syllabi. Books that are required for more than one course will only be issued once.
Potential commute costs cannot be financed from the loan.
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Terms and conditions of enrolment

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The courses

* Dutch for civic integration 1
* Dutch for civic integration 2
* Dutch for civic integration 3
* Dutch for civic integration 4
* Dutch for civic integration 5
* Dutch for civic integration 6

After level 5 you may enroll in the Preparatory Course for the Staatsexamen NT2 Programme II

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