Dutch for civic integration level 4

Practical Information

Number of lessons 26
Registration fee € 1095
Entry level B1.1
Target level B1.2
Language of instruction Dutch

- If you have passed the final test of your current course you will receive a personal message with a link to the online enrolment in the week of 18 December.

- Participants who move on to the next level have priority above others.
- New participants can contact the Language Centre to enquire about the number of places available.


course code course period days time
ndi4-pc 15 January - 23 March Monday+Wednesday+Friday 9:15-12:00
ndi4-pd 15 January - 23 March Monday+Wednesday+Friday  12:15-15:00
ndi4-pe 15 January - 23 March Monday+Wednesday+Friday  15:15-18:00
ndi4-pf 15 January - 23 March Monday+Tuesday+Friday  9:15-12:00
ndi4-pg 15 January - 23 March Monday+Wednesday+Friday  9:15-12:00

Course Description

The student's vocabulary is further expanded to include abstract terminology and a more in-depth knowledge of grammar will be acquired. Attention is given to special rules and exceptions. Various linguistic skills are dealt with: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Texts and topics of conversation are centred around various popular scientific and current topics. The student learns approximately 600 new words. Conversation skills are practised with the class as well as in groups and language lab equipment is used. The teacher deals with texts and grammatical points using authentic texts. Students are expected to prepare at home; preparation time is estimated at approximately 3 hours per lesson.
The pace is fast and students are expected to actively participate and prepare for the lessons.
In this course the preparation for the 'Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij' -exam will continue.

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to have a conversation on a variety of current topics with relative ease. Participants will also be able to understand texts and conversations. The course is concluded with a final test and a certificate (minimum attendance 80%).

Course Material

Title Nederlands in actie
Author(s) Berna de Boer, Margaret van der Kamp, Birgit Lijmbach
Publisher Uitgeverij Coutinho
ISBN 9789046902981
Title Trefwoord 1
Author(s) W. Loeffen, B. Lijmbach, B. de Boer
Publisher Noordhoff Uitgevers
ISBN 9789001140953
Title Welkom in Nederland

Marilene Gathier





The course material is included in the registration fee. The Academic Language Centre will hand out the books for this course to the participants only once.

Target Group and Admission Requirements

This course is intended for adults with higher levels of education and is especially meant for Civic Integration applicants. The DUO-loan can be used to pay for the course.
For this course knowledge of the language is required. Those who have a certificate from the previous course can enrol directly. Others are required to check by means of an entrance exam if they have sufficient knowledge to take part. This is a computerised test which you can only do at the Language Centre. Please get in touch with us to make an appointment and we will make a reservation for you: 071 - 5272332 / talencentrum@hum.leidenuniv.nl
This is a fast-paced course. Students are expected to prepare each lesson and to actively participate in each class. 

Further Information

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