Civic Integration

The Academic Language Centre is a language institute which caters to professionals and highly-educated people. We provide a variety of language courses as well as Dutch for foreigners.

Our Dutch as a Second Language programmes prepare particpants for the Staatsexamen, programme II. The exam of programme II is a requirement for those who want to gain admission to a Higher Education institution in the Netherlands. It is also possible to prepare for the Staatsexamen, programme I. Both the programme I and programme II examcan be part of your civic integration. Read more


Applicants who wish to enrol for a civic integration course at the Academic Language Centre can apply for a loan with DUO to pay for the course and examination.

In order to enroll, 'DUO-applicants' are required to have a short conversation with the Civic Integration Coach. Please contact the Language Centre to schedule an appointment:  071-5272332.
DUO requires that the applicant's level of English is adequate. You can take a free entry test for this at the Academic Language Centre.

Last Modified: 24-10-2016