Tariff Groups

1. Leiden University Students and Staff

  • Leiden University students (please show your registration card on enrolment). Students who do not yet have a student card but who want to join a course    that starts after they are registered at the university, must pay the external tariff.  They can request a refund of the excess amount as soon as they have their student card. Please contact the Language Centre about this procedure. The card must be shown, or a copy of it sent, before 1 November.
    (This is not applicable when enrolling for the summer courses).
  • Future students who are registered with the International Office or the Faculty of Arts Student Information Desk. In order to participate in these courses you must have a conditional letter of admission from the International Office or a letter of admission from the Faculty of Arts Student Information Desk. 
  • Leiden University staff
    PhD staff ('AIO')                                                                                           
    LUMC staff  (show or post a copy of your letter of appointment on enrolment). 
    (Not included in this tariff group are:
    Participants of the programmes HOVO and A la Carte students > tariff group 2.)

2. Others

  • Students from Dutch educational establishments (HBO/School of Higher Vocational Education or WO/higher education) other than Leiden University (show or post a copy of your student card on enrolment).
  • all others


Last Modified: 08-09-2014