The unsung heroes: In praise of our tutors!

The tutors of PRINS are the unsung heroes of the course.  Since the very first PRINS in 2015, our tutors have been the interface between student teams and the demands, academic and practical, of each consultancy case.  Their insights into the structure of PRINS have also led programme management to ongoing refinement and re-alignment of the 14-week project.

What each of these scholars brings to the PRINS: the unique ability to help these teams of 3rd year BA International Studies students set their own path through what can seem challenging and uncharted territory.  “The tutors do much of the hard stuff,” says Programme Chair Dr. Joost Augusteijn. “They get the students to operate as a team, and help them find ways – ways that aren’t always immediately obvious – to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned."

Thank you to the tutors of PRINS 2017!

  • Sebastiaan van Rijswijk (MPhil Political Science, MSc Economics)

  • María Gabriela Palacio Ludeña (MSc in Social Economy and Non-Profit Organisations Management, MA in Development Studies)

  • Dr. Athanasios Stathopoulos (PhD in International Relations)

  • Dr. Philippe Hanna de Almeida Oliveira (PhD in Social Impact Assessment)

  • Dr. Kamila Krakowska-Rodrigues (PhD in Brazilian and Mozambican literatures)

  • Ermira Kamberi (MSc(Res) in Migration, Ethnic Relations, and Multiculturalism)

  • Pilar Jimenez Galindo (MA in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology)

Last Modified: 14-06-2017