PRINS special: Introduction Joost Augusteijn

As Chair of the Bachelor’s of International Studies at Leiden University, I am most pleased to introduce this Special Edition Newsletter focused on the achievements of our students (and the enthusiasm of participating organisations) during the 3rd iteration of the Practising International Studies (PRINS) consultancy project.

PRINS 3.0: super-relevant cases with real career benefits

The BA international Studies doesn’t just fulfil the Leiden University promise – that its students can ‘discover the world’: with the unique and innovative final Practising International Studies (PRINS) project; it ensures that the world can begin its discovery of our 3rd year students!

PRINS: a growing ‘brand’ for organisations and proven career impact

“This year we are really dealing with current, critical issues the world is facing, issues students can see in newspaper headlines today,” said Dr. Sarita Koendjbiharie during the PRINS 2017 kick-off sessions. “As Humanities students you should be working to create solutions for these issues, or at least creating knowledge that will offer solutions.”

The case for inclusion: Workplace Pride and PRINS

The topicality and relevance of PRINS 2017 included a case with particular ties to Leiden University: ‘LGBT rights in workplaces around the world’ from Workplace Pride, an Amsterdam-based non-profit focused on increasing the acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people in the workplace and in society.  Workplace Pride holds a special place in the Leiden University Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: it is the endowing organisation of the Workplace Pride Chair for international LGBT workplace inclusion.

“The final five!” PRINS: the last 5 minutes

We caught up with three PRINS participants in that lovely limbo between final pitch and the jury’s determination. With just moments until the winners are announced, we asked how they were feeling about their team’s pitch, and – importantly – the PRINS course.

The unsung heroes: In praise of our tutors!

The tutors of PRINS are the unsung heroes of the course.  Since the very first PRINS in 2015, our tutors have been the interface between student teams and the demands, academic and practical, of each consultancy case.  Their insights into the structure of PRINS have also led programme management to ongoing refinement and re-alignment of the 14-week project.


PRINS 2017 proved once again that for each and every BA International Studies student, as well as each of the commissioning organisations, this consultancy project is a ‘win-win’ proposition. However, as jury member and former Chair Professor André Gerrits said: “There may be no losers. But there’s only one winner!”

Agenda 2017

Timetables: check the International Studies website. Annual information of Leiden University in general is on the calendar 2017-2018

Please note: the agenda is provisional - changes may occur.

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