Faculty of Humanities International Opportunities

BA and MA students in the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University have a number of possibilities to combine an international experience with their studies. Read this section first to find out what under what category you can apply for an international experience abroad.

Exchange Programmes

These include Erasmus exchange (Europe), Faculty partners outside of Europe and university-wide exchange partners. Exchange students must apply through the appropriate application process, and must be selected and nominated by Leiden University. There are limited spots per partner, and the process is competitive. Exchange students pay their regular tuition to Leiden University while registered at the partner university. Click here for more information.

Free Movers

Free movers are students who independently apply to a university of their choosing. These students do not go through a selection process at Leiden University, because they apply directly to the host university and are not studying under an established partnership between the host university and Leiden University. The university and study plans do however need to be approved by the student’s department in Leiden and the board of examiners. Free movers are required to pay tuition both at the partner university and at Leiden university while registered at the partner university. Click here for more information.

International Internships

Students may wish to undertake an internship abroad during their studies. The regulations regarding internships can be found on the Humanities Career Centre’s website here (Dutch) or here (English); however, as a first step to doing an internship abroad, students must read the information here.

Research or fieldwork abroad

Students may undertake reseach or fieldwork abroad as a part of a research project, thesis, etc. This is generally organized by the student his or herself, or as a part of an existing research project. Although this activity does not directly lead to credit transfer, due to the resulting academic product and associated credit, research or field work must still be approved and registered prior to departure. Click here for more info.

Mandatory Studies abroad (verplicht buitenlandsverblijf)

A number of BA and MA programmes in the Faculty of Humanities have a mandatory study abroad period as a component of the programme. These students are generally informed of the details by their department. These students are usually  not considered to be exchange students, and are eligible for scholarships via the Sustainable Humanities fund. Click here for more information. 


Short term trips abroad, as a group, accompanied by a faculty member, for which credit is granted within the students degree programme. Click here for more info.

Last Modified: 17-04-2015