Apply now for the MIRAI youth exchange programme in Japan, 15-22 December 2015

MIRAI stands for: "Mutual-understandings, Intellectual Relations and Academic exchange Initiative" and is meant for students: - who possess the Dutch nationality - who are specialized in politics, security policies, economics, international relations, Asian Studies, Japan Studies or related fields Students who have ever joined any inbound programmes run by the Government of Japan, or those who have experienced long term stay in Japan in her/his life MAY NOT apply this programme.  


The visits may include several Top-notch technological and infrastructural sites, unique historical and cultural sites and some academically beneficial opportunities including a seminar and exchange with Japanese students in Tokyo. The students exchange reception would be held in downtown Tokyo. After Tokyo activities, students will travel distant provincial region far outside of Tokyo for weekend local home stay programme among other programmes. Students will experience authentic Japanese family life there and exchange their views with the host family and local residents. On the way there might be a possible chance to ride the Shinkansen Bullet Train, world famous Japanese high-speed rail system. On last 2 days, students will return Tokyo to finalize the programme with report sessions and the rest of official activities. 


Application deadline: 23 October Interview at Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands: 4 November

More information:

For more information please see this link or inquire at the Cultural Section of the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands: tel: 070-346-9544 (reception).

Last Modified: 30-09-2015