Important Information Before You Apply

Please read the below for important information about applying as an exchange or study abroad student taking courses within the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University.

Humanities in Leiden and the Hague

The Hague

The Hague

While the majority of Humanities programmes and courses are offered in Leiden, it is important to realize that the BA International Studies (BAIS) programme is in the Hague. If you apply for courses in the BAIS programme, you should keep the following in mind:

  • the Hague is 10-12 minutes by train, and about 45 minutes door-to-door from the faculty's buildings in Leiden. When combining courses in Leiden and the Hague, take the time and travel expenses into account. A return ticket Leiden-the Hague would cost you about 6,80 euros.

  • if you are taking most or all of your courses in the Hague, you may want to consider applying for housing in the Hague, rather than in Leiden, to cut down on travel time. You can specify your preferences during the application process.

Minimum Humanities Courseload

The minimum course load for exchange students per semester is 15 ECTS (a full load is 30).

For students joining us on an exchange agreement specifically with our Faculty (as opposed to a university-wide partnership), those students must take a minimum of 15 credits per semester within the Faculty of Humanities.

Course Selection

Although the study guide is not updated for the following year until May, students coming in the fall semester should choose their courses from the e-prospectus of the curent year. The new e-prospectus will become available from May for the next academic year. Students will receive an e-mail when the e-prospectus has been published online and may then make changes in their programme if necessary.

Students coming in the Spring term can find their courses in the e-prospectus.

Please note that if you are approved for courses that you have requested, you are expected to take those courses after arrival. Changes to courses are only permitted in exceptional circumstances.

Any questions about courses in the Faculty can be submitted to our Incoming Student Coordinator, Linda Huizinga-Coolen.

Course Schedules

Course schedules are available in July of each year. The schedules webpage contains links to the schedule page of each department. There is also a link to the timetable vocabulary. As the timetables are listed in Dutch, and use abbreviations, this vocabulary is a useful tool to keep close at hand when reviewing the schedules! If you don't know to which programme your course belongs, you can look it up in the course syllabus in the e-prospectus.

Keep in mind when selecting your courses that you may need to reshuffle a little once the course schedules are available to avoid course clashes.

The final exam dates are not available prior to the start of classes. Due to the many courses and the limited number of class rooms, it is impossible to schedule all the exams for courses offered in English before the Christmas holidays. If you need to be back at your home university by the beginning of January, discuss this with your instructor at the beginning of the term. Requests for an exam at a different time or in a different manner than scheduled, should be directed to the Board of Examiners of the study programme that offers the course. The Humanities Interantional Office can accommodate this requirement, given sufficient notice.

If you are taking courses in other faculties you should check with them what their regulations are on this matter.

Contact Person within the Faculty

If you have questions during your courses selection about Faculty of Humanities courses, please contact our Incoming Student Coordinator, Ms. Linda Huizinga-Coolen.

Last Modified: 28-08-2017