Timetable International Studies

Below you will find the timetable for the BA International Studies 2016-2017.
Please note: the timetable can still change in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Timetable International Studies 2016-2017

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First Semester

Second Semester

(Registration via survey only. Registration opens on December 11th)

1)      Enroll on the Blackboard course page to review the six consultancy projects and their schedules
2)      Access the online survey via Blackboard on Sunday Dec 11th 2016 14:00 PM(C.E.T) and fill in your  choices (the survey will close on December 18th 14:00 PM)

Students cannot participate in this course without registering via the online survey. Based on these registrations and the desired mix of student teams in area expertise, you will be assigned to a specific project with its schedule. Please check the full project schedule carefully because you can be assigned to any of the workgroups related to the project. Assignment to a project and team is fixed and will not be changed.

Timetable Exams International Studies 2016-2017

First Semester


Second Semester

Calender International Studies 2016-2017

 Calender 2016-2017

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