Procedure for notifications of absence

Below you find the procedures regarding absence during tutorials and exams.

What to do when you will be absent from a tutorial?

Attendance at tutorials is mandatory. If it is not possible to attend, for any reason, please make sure your absence is notified properly beforehand.

You need to send an email to your tutor. Failure to do so, may result in a grade of 1,0 for your tutorial.

Make sure to include the following information:

  • Send an email from your umail account

  • Full name and student number

  • What tutorial(s) you will be missing + group number

  • Why are you missing the tutorial

When do you need to contact the Coordinators of Studies?

When you are absent for a longer period or when you are experiencing difficulties -personal or programme wise - please contact the Coordinators of Studies as well.

Note: If you are absent during a tutorial when you are expected to give a presentation, should have prepared a debate, or hand in an assignment: absence does not change deadlines. You will not be exempted from this activity by being absent.

You need to contact your tutor for all missed tutorials. Please be aware that your absence will severely affect your overall grade.

Deadlines will not be changed in case of illness. If your illness is so severe that it prevents you from completing your assignments, please contact the Coordinator of Studies.


Absence during mid-term and final exams

Students who are not able to take a mid-term or final exam need to contact the coordinator of studies before the exam.

Students who were unable to be present at the exam, no matter what the reason for their absence was, will see a ‘1’ in their grade list in uSis for this exam. There is no separate resit for the midterm exam. The resit of the exam covers both the material for the mid-term and the final exam. By taking this resit, a student will be able to resit the mid-term and final exam at the same time.

Please note: taking the resit instead of the first chance exam does not mean that you are entitled to another resit. This is the second and final chance exam.

If a student has made the mid-term exam, but not the first chance final exam, the resit of the final exam will replace the grade of the mid-term exam.

Last Modified: 17-06-2016