Psychological counselling

Are you feeling down? Are you dealing with study stress or personal issues you would like to have some help with? The psychological counselors can help you with issues like these.

What can the Psychological counsellors help me with?

If you are dealing with personal and academic problems, the Psychological counselors can help you to clarify the issues you are struggling with and help you find solutions to them. 

They can help you with:

Study problems, such as:

  • study stress and study skills
  • planning and time management
  • (fear of) exams / tests
  • problems with writing papers and theses
  • problems with concentration

Personal problems, such as:
  • feelings of depression or anxiety
  • insecurity
  • social problems

Open consultation hour

Your problems can be addressed during the open consultation hour. Depending on your problems and circumstances, solutions, support may be offered, in the form of:

  • advice
  • referral to a workshop or training course
  • referral to individual sessions with the Student Counsellor or an external source of help

Monday-Friday 11.00-12.00 hrs  

Plexus Student Centre
Kaiserstraat 25
Please check in at PITSstop before 11.45 hrs.

Every Wednesday from 14:30-16:30 in The Hague, Stichthage building, 12th floor, by appointment only. Please contact 071-5278026 for an appointment

Individual counselling

If your problems are best addressed by an individual session with a Psychological Counsellor you may be placed on our waiting list. As soon as a place is free, you will be contacted. Your problems will be clarified in an intake discussion and goals will be set for the remaining sessions. After five sessions an evaluation will take place to determine whether issues have been addressed correctly or more help is needed.

Visiting address for individual counselling:
Plexus Student Centre
Kaiserstraat 25


Answers to your questions via e-mail
If you are a Student of Leiden University, you may email the Psychological counsellors with any questions or problems you have. Questions will be answered within five working days. No rights can be derived from these answers as essential information may be missing that is needed to form an answer that addresses the issues correctly and completely. Your email will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Questions and answers may be included in the Q&A Archive to allow other students to benefit from them. If you do not want to be recognised, make sure you take this into account in the formulation of your question. If you do not want us to include your question in the archive, please indicate this clearly.

Contact the Student Counsellors
Our team consists of psychologists who aim to provide the best possible support to students of Leiden University. Please feel free to contact us with any problems or issues you are facing. The best en quickest way to do so it through our open consultation hours.

Phone number: 071 527 80 26        
General questions:  
Questions directed to individual counsellor:
Vinanda Kapooria

Last Modified: 05-07-2017