Internship terms

In order to be classified as an Internship in the BA International Studies programme, the position should:

  • use the student’s intellectual capacities in some way
  • be international in some way (this requirement can be broadly interpreted; an organization, or the intern’s role with an organization, can be ‘international’ in any number of ways that would meet this requirement)
  • It should lead to a relevant and suitable research project in some way. Students are required to write a research project based on their internship. If a research topic is not inherent to the internship assignment, students will devise a topic, in consultation with their employer and  their Internship supervisor in the International Studies Programme
  • be a minimum of 450 hours in length (the equivalent of 3 months full time). The exact make-up of these hours can be flexible according to the organizations needs and the agreements made between intern and employer.
  • generally pay the intern an appropriate salary for the type of position and the level of responsibility
  • be supervised by an appropriate member of the hiring organization

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Last Modified: 05-03-2015