Practising International Studies

3rd year Leiden University BAIS students are challenged to translate their academic knowledge and skills into practical advice and new consultation competences during the Practising International Studies course.

Practising International Studies is a 12-week consultancy case competition that introduces 3rd year BAIS students to international organisations ranging from multinationals to NGOs. Teams of students go to work on real business cases presented by such organisations as Shell, Rexus Consulting Ltd., Otra Cosa Network, NN Group, and Partos.

Future skills + career focus for students

Students receive support, inspiration and advice during Practising International Studies:

  • Workshops on consultancy and project management skills

  • Tutors impart research, writing and presentation skills – useful whether the future holds a career or further master study

  • Guest lectures from academics and practitioners with expertise specific to each case

  • Mid-project meeting with ‘consultancy client’ ensures the BAIS teams remain on-target with business goals of that organisation

  • Become ‘known’ to an organisation, increasing opportunities for internships or jobs

Dr. Johannes Magliano-Tromp, BAIS Programme Manager

“Humanities graduates generally have good prospects, but it’s not always clear to them – or to their future employers – how their education will match with their professional duties. The course Practising International Studies arose from the desire to teach BAIS students to apply their knowledge and skills outside of academia. I don’t know another humanities programme where this connection to business exists.” 

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Last Modified: 03-07-2015