Dr. R. (Rinse) Willet

  • Researcher
  • Mediterranean archaelogy

Fields of interest

My fields of interest lie in Mediterranean archaeology and ancient history. Particularly the subjects of ancient cities and demographics, as well as production in Antiquity as well as exchange and consumption are of interest to me.


My current research focuses on the cities of Roman Asia Minor in the framework of the Empire of 2000 Cities project. In this study, the nature of the Roman city is examined by studying historical and archaeological source-material, resulting in an overview of all the cities, villages etc. and allowing for an indepth analysis of the urban network and economic integration of Roman Asia Minor. Furthermore, the demographics of these cities will be assessed.

Teaching activities

Guest lecturer at Leuven University - Theory, Methods and Practice of terrain archaeology - prospectionmethodology (2009-2014).

Curriculum vitae

I studied the population-size of Roman Corinth for my MA in archaeology (2007) and worked as a research assistent and archaeologists (2007-2009) before I continued as a PhD at Leuven University (completed 2012) on the socio-cultural and economic context of the concept and use of tableware in the Roman East. In August 2013 I started my work as a post-doctoral researcher at Leiden University.

Key publications

Willet, R., Poblome, J. (2011). 'The pale red slipped dot'. Facta: A Journal of Roman Material Culture Studies, 5, 101-110.

Willet, R. (2012). 'Whirlwind of numbers - Demographic experiments for Roman Corinth', AncSoc 42, pp. 127-158.

J. Poblome, R. Willet, N. Firat, F. Martens, P. Bes, 2013. 'Tinkering with Urban Survey Data: How Many Sagalassos-es do we Have?' In Johnson, P. (Ed.), Millett, M. (Ed.), Archaeological Survey and the City. Laurence seminar. Cambridge, 25-28 May 2010 (pp. 146-174). Oxford: Oxbow Books.

J. Poblome, P. Bes and R. Willet, 2012, 'Thoughts on the archaeological residue of networks. A view from the East', in S. Keay (ed.), Rome, Portus and the Mediterranean (Archaeological Monographs of the British School at Rome 21), London, pp. 393-401.

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