Prof.dr. H.S. (Henk) Versnel (Emeritus)

  • Professor Emeritus

Fields of interest

Ancient History:
- The history of mentality and religion of the Graeco-Roman World.
- Early Rome

His current research is on:
- Magic (especially curse tablets)
- Paradoxes, contradictions and ambiguities in Greek theology (the subject of his Sather Lectures in 1999)

Major publications

-Triumphus. An Inquiry into the Origin, Development and Meaning of the Roman Triumph (Diss. Leiden 1970)

- (ed.), Faith, Hope and Worship. Aspects of Religious Mentality in the Ancient World (Leiden 1981)

-Satricum e Roma. L'Iscrizione di Satricum e la storia romana arcaica (Meppel 1990)

-TER UNUS. Isis, Dionysos and Hermes: Three Studies in Henotheism (Inconsistencies in Greek and Roman Religion I (Leiden 1990)

-Transition and Reversal in Myth and Ritual (Inconsistencies in Greek and Roman Religion II (Leiden 1993)

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