Dr. M.S. (Matthew) Hobson

  • Lecturer and researcher
  • Archaeology
  • Roman history
  • Roman North Africa
  • Pre-capitalist economic systems

Fields of interest

Matthew Hobson (Born UK, 1982) read Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Reading (2003), practising field archaeology in the commercial sphere for several years before completing an MA and PhD at the University of Leicester. His PhD thesis, 'The African Boom? Evaluating Economic Growth in the Roman Province of Africa Proconsularis' (July, 2012), supervised by Prof. David Mattingly, examined the literary, epigraphic and archaeological evidence for North Africa's social and economic development during the Roman period. Matthew has supervised research excavations in Libya, Tunisia, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, and achieved the position of Project Officer in British, commercial archaeology. His main research interest is in developing an understanding of the changing social structure of the Roman world, explored through the themes of economic exploitation, class and imperialism.


Matthew is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher on the ERC-funded project, 'An empire of 2000 cities: urban networks and economic integration in the Roman Empire', directed by Prof. Luuk de Ligt and Prof. John Bintliff. For this project he is examining the theme of urbanism in Roman North Africa.

Curriculum vitae

View PDF here.

Teaching activities

Matthew is currently teaching two Literature Seminars on the MA programme 'Debating the Ancient Economy' and 'Roman North Africa: a stolen continent'.

Key publications

  • Hobson, M. S. (forthcoming) 'An Historiography of the Study of the Roman Economy: economic growth, development and neoliberalism.' TRAC conference proceedings.
  • Hobson, M. S. (forthcoming) ‘The African Boom: the origins of economic growth in Roman North Africa’, in P. Erdkamp, K. Verboven and A. Zuiderhoek (eds) Land and Natural Resources in the Roman World. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Hobson, M. S. 2012. ‘Review: Peasant and Empire in Christian North Africa. By Leslie Dossey.’ Early Medieval Europe 20.2: 220-221.
  • Hobson, M. S. 2011. ‘Review: SIDI ALI BEN AHMED - THAMUSIDA 1. I CONTESTI. Edited by A. Akerraz and E. Papi. Institut National des Sciences de l’Archéologie et du Patrimoine, Rabat; Università degli Studi di Siena, Roma: Quasar. 2008. ISBN 978-88-7140-100-3, pp. 300, 224 figures. Price: € 58.00.’ Libyan Studies 42: 157-159.
  • Mattingly, D. J. et al. 2011. ‘DMP XII: Excavations and Survey of the so-called Garamantian Royal Cemetery (GSC030−031)’, Libyan Studies 42: 89-102.

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