Projects 'Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence'

Leiden Slavery Studies Association

Slavery has existed in innumerable societies throughout global history. The Leiden Slavery Studies Association (LSSA) is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of slavery and post-slavery in any period and any geographical region. Although primarily rooted within the Institute for History, LSSA provides an interdisciplinary forum for slavery specialists working in various faculties and programs at Leiden University in order to streamline, support, and promote collaboration on teaching, research and outreach projects.

ERC Research Project 'Fighting Monopolies'

Cátia Antunes received the prestigious ERC Grant for her Research Project "Fighting Monopolies, Defying Empires 1500-1750: a Comparative Overview of Free Agents and Informal Empires in Western Europe and the Ottoman Empire."

Challenging Monopolies, Building Global Empires in the Early Modern Period

How did free agents in the Dutch Republic react to the creation of colonial monopolies (VOC and WIC) by the States General? This project answers this question by looking at the role individuals played in the construction of an informal global empire parallel to the institutional empire devised by the States General and enabled by the chartered monopolies.

Marie Curie – ITN Project ‘ForSeaDiscovery’

Catia Antunes is one of the main partners in the ‘ForSeaDiscovery – Forest Resources for Iberian Empires: Ecology and Globalization in the Age of Discovery’ project that has been awarded the prestigious Marie Curie – ITN grant for Academic/Civil Society training, cooperation and outreach.

Brown Bag Seminars

The Brown Bag Seminars are lunch-hour informal workshops aimed at fostering discussion and creating an open dialogue between the speakers and the attendees.

Global Migration History

To fully understand the causes and effects of migration and settlement processes in the current globalising world, a long timeframe and a global perspective are essential. Historical migration studies have long focused primarily on the European and Atlantic worlds. In this programmatic and long term project, we aim to broaden the perspective to include the full migration experience of the non-Western world while proposing both a short and long term series of studies to further this goal.

Centre for Modern Urban Studies

The Centre for Modern Urban Studies (MUS) is a multidisciplinary research institute that investigates historic and current changes in large cities. Those changes that are socio-cultural, economical, legal or technological are interwoven in a complex way.