Projects ''Colonial and Global History''

7 to 9 December 2015 conference Ocean of Law: Intermixed Legal Systems across the Indian Ocean World, 1550-1950

Legal history in connection with the Indian Ocean world is relatively a new field. Interdisciplinary research and cooperation of scholars working on early-modern and modern history of the broader Indian Ocean world help trace back the journeys of legal ideas and to reconstruct these legal histories. This conference will provide a platform for scholars to discuss and share their work.

From Muskets to Nokias

The individual research projects that make up From Muskets to Nokias  together represent an attempt to rewrite the history of the Zambian and Congolese copperbelts and their hinterlands through the lenses of technology and consumption, and their relations to social organization.


International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction


Cosmopolis (2012-2017) unites several research and educational programmes into one community. It is attached to the department of Colonial and Global History at the Institute for History of Leiden University. As a schoarly community, it follows in the footsteps of the TANAP (1999-2006) and ENCOMPASS (2006-2012) programmes that were executed from 1999 onward.