Graduate Seminar 2009-2010

An overview of the Graduate Seminars of 2009-2010.

Main goal of the Graduate Seminar is to examine issues and questions regarding to historical research which has been carried out in our institute. Discussions are meant to generate useful and stimulating input both for students and staffmembers of the institute.

First session

Date and time: 9 September, 15.30 hours
Patrick Dassen
Bart van der Boom
Karwan Fatah-Black and Peter Tammes
'Nicht gewusst? Gewone Nederlanders en de Holocaust, 1940-1945'

Second session

Date and time: 14 October, 15.30 hours
Jos Gommans
Jan-Bart Gewald
Manjusha Kuruppath and Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz
'Beyond the Last Frontier: Major Trollope and the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel'

Third session

Date and time: 11 November, 15.30 hours
Patrick Dassen
Minte Kamphuis
Jeroen Touwen and Jasper van der Steen
'Van je buren moet je het hebben. Politieke contacten tussen Nederland en België, political transfer en nationale identiteit 1880-1920'

Fourth session

Date and time: 9 December, 15.30 hours
Chair: Judith Pollmann
Presentation: Erika Kuijpers
Commentary: Henk Kern and Stijn Berger
Topic: 'Individual memories in the history of the Dutch Revolt. The massacre of Oudewater, 1575'

Fifth session

Date and time: 10 february, 15.30 hours
Location: Lipsius 208 
Chair: Marlou Schrover
Presentation: Luuk de Ligt
Commentary: Leo Lucassen and Nadia Bouras
Topic: 'The Population of Cisalpine Gaul in the time of Augustus'

Sixth session

Date and time: 10 March, 15.30 hours
Location: Lipsius 307 
Chair: Marlou Schrover
Presentation: Corrie van Eijl 
Commentary: Anna Tijsseling and Robert Ross 
Topic: 'Tussenland. Illegaliteit en migratie in Nederland'

Seventh session

Date and time: 14 April, 15.30 hours
Location: Lipsius 307 
Chair: Thomas Lindblad 
Presentation: Carolien Stolte 
Commentary: Dennis Bos and Rombert Stapel 
Topic: 'To draw closer together the exploited Workers of the East": Indian trade unionism and the competition for Asia, 1920-1937'

Eighth session

Date and time: 12 May, 15.30 hours
Location: Lipsius 307 
Chair: Patrick Dassen 
Presentation: Adriaan van Veldhuizen 
Commentary: Patricio da Silva and Anne Petterson 
Topic: 'Emotionele politiek en politieke emoties in de partijcultuur van de SDAP'

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