Conference 'Diplomacy in the Age of Mongol Globalization'

Marie Favereau will take part in the upcoming conference 'Diplomacy in the Age of Mongol Globalization' in Jerusalem on 30-31 May. She is also part of the organising committee.

Keynote speaker at the conference is Jonathan K. Skaff, who will hold a lecture entitled 'Forerunners of the Mongols: Diplomacy in the Age of the Turks, Uighur and Tang'.

Marie's talk will be in the panel 'Chinggisid Diplomacy: Inside and Outside the Empire'. Her paper is entitled 'The Dangers of Diplomacy: The Case of Toqtamish Khan at the End of the Fourteenth Century.'

The full programme can be found below.

Last Modified: 19-05-2016